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Plant cell and animal cell questions and answers pdf

The differences between a plant cell and an animal cell are given in able 21.2.T Table 21.2 Differences between an animal cell and a plant cell Feature Plant cell Animal cell Size and Shape Larger in size and rectangular in shape. Smaller in size and oval in shape. Cell wall Cell wall is made up of cellulose. Cell wall absent. Vacuoles Vacuoles.

List the major differences between a plant cell and an animal cell. Answer : Plant cell Cell is comparatively larger with distinct outlines. Has a definite and rigid cell wall. Has negligible amount of cytoplasm. Cytoplasm is not very dense. Contains plastids. No centrosome. Have prominent one or more vacuoles.

1. Assertion: Plant cells have a cell wall. Reason: The cell wall provides protection against variation in temperature, high wind speed, and atmospheric moisture. Answer: (A) 2. Assertion: Red blood cells are round and concave. Reason: They protect us from foreign invaders like bacteria, viruses, etc. Answer: (C) So, these were Cell Structure.

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30 seconds. Q. The cell membrane is the. answer choices. jelly-like substance that fills plant and animal cells. tiny unit of a living thing. thin layer that allows some material to pass in and out of plant and animal cells. stiff outer layer of a plant cell. Question 6. Structures and Functions of Plant and Animal Cells 7.L.1.2 - Compare the structures and functions of plant and animal cells, including major organelles (cell membrane, cell wall, nucleus, chloroplasts, mitochondria, and vacuoles). Table of Contents Update Label your table of contents. We will use headings and subheadings for our new section.

1. Describe the similarities and differences between a typical plant and a typical animal cell. (4) Typical animal and plant cells contain the following structures: nucleus, cytoplasm, cell membrane, ribosomes, mitochondria (2) Plant cells also contain a permanent vacuole, a cell wall and chloroplasts (2) 2. Ribosomes synthesise proteins.

The cell wall. The cell wall and plasmodesmata. The cytosol. None of these answers are correct. The extracellular space. 2. The cytosol of all the living cells in a plant, as well as the ....

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